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"Above all be loving, this ties everything together perfectly"

Colossians 3:14


We had a wonderful whole school art day creating our Vision out of merino wool.  Every child in our school helped to make this beautiful banner.  With thanks to Staverton Education Foundation for funding this memorable day for all the children.

Our Vision

We are building what we value and everything we do is done with love.  Our six school values of responsibility, friendship, honesty, compassion, respect and perseverance are all underpinned by our one all-encompassing value of love.  Adults and children are known and loved and our vision guides us to live our values every day and inspire a love of learning.   


Values Art

Our Mission Statement

Staverton is a nurturing and aspirational church school, offering an excellent education to inspire a love of learning and shared energy to continually get better.  Our vision is rooted in theology and educational philosophy, to support our children to flourish academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.  We are united in our vision having a transformational impact on the wellbeing of our whole school community.  Relationships at Staverton are trusted and all successes celebrated, valuing the unique qualities of each and every one of us in our school community.  We prepare our children for life beyond our doors, instilling strong Christian values to guide them to live life in all its fullness. 


We have been thinking about what Spirituality means to us.  Jack came up with the idea of the Holy Trinity being like a flower.  The pollen is the Holy Spirit which flows everywhere.  The stem is the Father who stands tall, holding everything together.  The petals are the Son, who came to earth to help us all to bloom.  We enjoyed creating Jack's idea of Spirituality into a mosaic.  It's a lovely link with all our classes which are all named after flowers.





Please see our Religious Policy in the sidebar of the page.

Roses' Class have written a formal letter to our local MP, asking for more trees to be planted in our local area. The children were inspired by the story of Mama Miti and her dedication to protecting the environment in Kenya. Fabulous examples of children being agents of change!

Sunflowers' Class have loved reading 'Darwin's Super Pooping Worm Spectacular' which has inspired them to build a shelter for worms and insects – look out for this new addition to our school next term. Another amazing example of our children making our world a better place!

We raised a whopping £314.27 for our Trust Charity, The Lighthouse Trust, in our disco of light yesterday! That is a lot of money for a little school - thank you for your all your support - it will make such a positive difference.  Thank you to our School Council for organising this event!


Some children in Roses experienced Spirituality today during their day trip to Everdon exploring rivers.  What a beautiful day in the countryside!


Leah from The Lighthouse Trust talked to Bluebells' about what sin is and how laws help to reduce and control sins. We then looked at how Jesus took upon the world's sins and was crucified to save the world from sin.

In Sunflowers' drama workshop from Leah we learned about what the Good News was that Jesus brought. This was linked to walking in the shoes of peace. We looked at lots of different types of shoes and how these shoes might act and speak.Then we talked about how God had sent Jesus to help repair his relationship with humanity and that Jesus died on the cross so that he could bring peace. The children then had to think about how a shoe that brings peace might look, act and speak.Then we talked about how God had sent Jesus to help repair his relationship with humanity and that Jesus died on the cross so that he could bring peace. The children then had to think about how a shoe that brings peace might look, act and speak.

In Roses the chilren explored why Good Friday is called Good Friday and the different emotions different people felt when Jesus was crucified.




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Situated in the picturesque village of Staverton, our small village school is a well established and integral part of the local community. We enjoy very secure links with our local church, St. Mary's, and the strong Christian ethos and family feel within our school is shared with all of our visitors. In August 2014, our school became an academy, joining the Peterborough Diocese Education Trust. 


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