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"Above all be loving, this ties everything together perfectly"

Colossians 3:14


We had a wonderful whole school art day creating our Vision out of merino wool.  Every child in our school helped to make this beautiful banner.  With thanks to Staverton Education Foundation for funding this memorable day for all the children.

Our Vision

We are building what we value and everything we do is done with love.  Our six school values of responsibility, friendship, honesty, compassion, respect and perseverance are all underpinned by our one all-encompassing value of love.  Adults and children are known and loved and our vision guides us to live our values every day and inspire a love of learning.   


Values Art

Our Mission Statement

Staverton is a nurturing and aspirational church school, offering an excellent education to inspire a love of learning and shared energy to continually get better.  Our vision is rooted in theology and educational philosophy, to support our children to flourish academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially.  We are united in our vision having a transformational impact on the wellbeing of our whole school community.  Relationships at Staverton are trusted and all successes celebrated, valuing the unique qualities of each and every one of us in our school community.  We prepare our children for life beyond our doors, instilling strong Christian values to guide them to live life in all its fullness. 


We have been thinking about what Spirituality means to us.  Jack came up with the idea of the Holy Trinity being like a flower.  The pollen is the Holy Spirit which flows everywhere.  The stem is the Father who stands tall, holding everything together.  The petals are the Son, who came to earth to help us all to bloom.  We enjoyed creating Jack's idea of Spirituality into a mosaic.  It's a lovely link with all our classes which are all named after flowers.





Please see our Religious Policy in the sidebar of the page.

Today the children in Roses' class have had a spectacular day creating Diwali lanterns in preparation for our parade. The children have shown all our school values today but particularly respect, friendship and responsibility.



On Wednesday we are having a whole school art day! We are having an artist visit our school to do workshops throughout the day. All the children will contribute to making a felt banner to reflect our school's vision. We will also be celebrating Dot Day!


St Mary The Virgin Church



Reverend Dave visits our school regularly to lead Collective Worship and children visit church.  Seasonal church services for the whole school and parents take place at St Mary’s church for Harvest, Christmas, Easter and for our Year 6 Leavers’ Service. 


 IMG_0347.JPG             IMG_0348.JPG              IMG_0350.JPG


Christian School Assembly Link Team

We are fortunate to have the Christian School Assembly Link Team visit our school to lead Collective Worship regularly.  The assembly subjects covered sometimes tie in with themes set by our school or sometimes are decided by the team.  In every case, the subject will be delivered via a Bible or Bible based story.

 Worship Leaders

We have four Worship Leaders, one from each class, who help to lead Collective Worship.

riona.png                  Elizabeth.png                 Ferne.jpg                    jemima.png

Children take it in turns to play a musical instrument to welcome everyone in to the hall for Collective Worship.


Our six school values of responsibility, friendship, honesty, compassion, respect and perseverance are all underpinned by our one all-encompassing value of love.  We focus on one value each half term and we strive to live our values every day. 

IMG 2336 IMG 2337  IMG 2338

IMG 2339  IMG 2340  IMG 2341


We recognise children who have gone above and beyond in showing our school values with an ice lolly on a Friday during Celebration Assembly!  Every Friday we welcome the whole school community to join us for Celebration Assembly where children’s achievements in and out of school are celebrated.



Roots and Fruits’ is used to complement the planning of Collective Worship.  Worship follows a three step plan: Learning, Reflection and Responding.    Collective Worship has been developed so that is is Inclusive, Invitational, and Inspirational.  Christian values are the central theme to our Worship and themes are planned to tie in with these, including Bible stories that could be used to teach these values and explore ideas.  We light three candles at the beginning of Collective Worship to represent the Holy Trinity.  Please click here to see our Collective Worship Policy:


Roots and Fruits


 At the beginning of the new year our school was lucky enough to have all of it's washrooms refurbished and refitted.

New toilets

We are so fortunate in this country to have these facilities and this led our school to inspire our school community to engage in social action and be courageous advocates for change in our global communities through Toilet Twinning.  Our school raised over £200 which led to our new toilets being twinned with three toilets around the world.  We have also organised other fund raising events such as the children making and selling Easter cakes for Ukraine which raised just over £80.

IMG 1991



September 2022 

It's great to see children reading for pleasure in our library and linking books to our school values.



Thank you Isla for decorating this beautiful cross.


The whole school enjoyed celebrating Harvest Festival at church with Reverend Dave.  Beautiful singing and prayers led by Sunflowers.

On Friday 21st September Roses had a fabulous afternoon at BAPS Wellingborough Mandir. We received a lovely e-mail sharing that they were touched by the respect and curiosity shown by all the children.


Roy visited the children in Sunflowers' Class to talk about Judaism.



The children sold handmade little yellow teddies to raise money for children in need and raised £250.



Our school choir joined the church choir for a Carol Service - the children lit up the church.


Well done to all the children in Poppies' and Sunflowers' who performed a wonderful Nativity for everyone to enjoy. Thank you to all the teachers and TA's who made this possible.



Our wonderful Young Voices!


Thank you Reverend Dave for leading our Collective Worship yesterday all about honesty. The children enjoyed playing the two truths and a lie game and listening to the bible story.




Thank you George for making such a wonderful shoe box for the children in Malawi. #compassion#friendship#responsibility#living our values every day





Thank you so much - the children raised £80.




Everything we do at Staverton Primary School is driven by our school’s vision, mission and values. Take a look at our new school flags. #proudtobepartofPDET



The children in Roses' class showed so many of our school values on their trip to London. 


We enjoyed a lovely Easter service this afternoon in church. The children shared their Easter art work and Easter bonnets and sang beautifully! So proud of Staverton Primary School!.


Well done! The girls raised £69.41 for The Air Ambulance.


What a wonderful afternoon our children in Y6 had yesterday experiencing a transition Prayer Space in our school. It was a time to reflect and think about the changes ahead.ImageImage

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